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Bali Website Design & Development — Let our experts develop the website of your dreams. We develop custom website applications, Corporate Websites and E-commerce solutions that are powerful, flexible and scalable. The Website Developer team ensures that every website we build is a search engine friendly, visible on all devices and across all latest browsers.

Our Bali web design services : Company Website – E commerce / Online Shop – Application Website


introduce your business to the world

corporate website

corporate website not just help introduce your company to the international network, but should be able to improve your company image, can truly represent the brand of your company.

cheaper than renting a conventional store

e - commerce

have products that you want to sell online? Bored with the look of social media or a online market place that do not fit with your brand? We help you and provide the best solution for your online store.

apply an integrated system

web application

different from other website, application website more to its function, such as cashier application / point of sale (POS) online, online booking, etc .. You can open your app anywhere and anytime.


User interface

Whether it is your small business website, extranet, interactive application or administration interface, we always apply user centric design principles to create elegant and gratifying user experiences. Mous Media are committed to providing users with the joy of discovery. Our work includes wireframing, template design, style guide development, illustration and more.

User Experience

We design complex websites focusing on web usability and lead generation. By preparing an optimal information architecture. This process is crucial to deliver a fully functional project which your audience will love.

why choose us as your website design partner?

Here are some reasons why you think you should consider working with Mous Media as a website designer, developer, and hosting company for your website:

are you ready turn your idea into online?

If you are ready to move ahead and chart a whole new growth path for business through an impressive online representation,

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Collect Informations

The first step processing of creating a website or other design is the collection of information, this step is very important so that we better understand who you are, your target market, your customers, and your goal of creating a website. The process of gathering this information can be through meetings in your place or in our place, or by e-mail.

step 1

Signing of employment contract agreement

With the employment contract, you and us as the developer / designer are bound by the written rules, the employment contract agreement before being signed through the negotiation process, and has been approved. In this job you already know what your task is, what our duty as a developer / designer, what you and we get, and how much it costs.

step 2

Information analysis and content collections

we will reevaluate the information we receive, collect content or materials already prepared by you, as a reference to the planning and design process.

step 3


A sitemap is a list of pages from a website. Creating a page structure of the website structure helps us in designing your website, making navigation and system more efficient.

step 4

Drafting Design Mockup

This step is the most awaited process, because it involves the creative process, the search for ideas. A good web design challenge, like all designs, is the balancing of form and function. Not just composing images after image, element by element, good design must also meet many requirements, such as balance, function, target market, and others. Calm down, that’s our job.

step 5

Design Mockup Revision

After mocup design we send to you, usually there are some that we need to fix, to fit the needs and goals you create a website. The website improvements we offer vary depending on the website package and the agreed agreement.

step 6

Making web interface / front page

building the front end of the website (front end coding). We apply / change the mocup design in the form of JPEG / photoshop into a programming code, after adding the agreed animation functions.

step 7

Development of CMS and Backend Components (Administrator page)

The creation of modules and systems according to the needs of the website, within this administrators page you can create, update, manage or publish content in an organized and consistent system.

step 8

Front End and Backend CMS integration

In this process we refine the front page of the website with the administrator page, so that what you update / create on the administrator page can appear well on the front page of the website.

step 9

Publish the content content and website trials

After all frontend and backend development process, we will include the content you provide, and simultaneously re examine whether all the functions of the website are running properly.

step 10

Website Launching

Finally, the moment we look forward to is the launch of the website. Because there are so many steps and files involved in launching the website, we do check list again so that nothing is missed.

step 11


Just like having a car or a house, a website needs care and care. Maintenance includes: Backup files periodically. Database backups are periodical. Update content. Security. Analytics Tracking & Reporting. E-mail Maintenance. SEO Maintenance Our website package includes some maintenance, and we have special package for website maintenance.

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step 12